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#MeToo Accountability Into Law

By January 26, 2018 No Comments

This Candidate for Maryland Governor Wants to Make #MeToo Accountability Into Law

December 5, 2017 – When you look back at the history of politicians, and power in general, sexual misconduct is so common it’s often treated as a reference point. I remember arguing with a family member that we couldn’t elect a man who talked about grabbing women by the pussy and then tell our daughters their bodies should be respected. His response? It’s always been that way – look at Bill Clinton. Look at JFK. So it’s not going to change. Maybe it’s the fact that we did elect a pussy-grabbing misogynist, and we still have to look our daughters in the faces. But it’s changing. And political candidates like Krish Vignarajah want to make sure the culture shift becomes a policy shift, and that sexual harassment is no longer tolerated in government.

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“I am running for Governor because I am worried my daughter and all children in Maryland will not have the same opportunities my parents gave me when they brought our family here when I was a baby girl. The deficit in leadership from our current Governor could not come at a worse time.”