Baltimore City


Towards a Better Baltimore

Education is both priority and passion for my family, which makes it all the more heartbreaking to see the obstacles that prevent children from getting a quality public education in Baltimore.

I’ve spent my whole life in Maryland public schools, and my parents spent years as public school teachers in Baltimore City. My mother started teaching at Poly High School and my father taught for over 50 years at Edmondson, Frederick Douglass, Digital Harbor and Western. He retired last spring at the age of 80.

Baltimore’s children, just like all of our children, can compete with and can be the best and brightest in the country. But if we do not invest in their schools and teachers, in their homes and streets, and in their health and safety, then we are denying them a fair chance in life. I know from experience that a good education is the key to success – I could never have gone from Woodlawn High to the White House without it. Without strong cohesive neighborhoods, and all the requisite public services that make attaining a good education possible, we will never address the challenges that are holding Baltimore back from its potential.


1. Upgrade and update Baltimore City’s crumbling infrastructure and inefficient transit system.

2. Invest in an educational system that supports our city’s children from cradle to career.

3. Address the inequality and ineffectiveness of our criminal justice system, and shut down the school to prison pipeline.

4. Prioritize the health of every Baltimore resident, regardless of ability to pay.