The country deserves to know that the greatest shoreline in the nation is right here
in Maryland.

I’ve visited the Eastern Shore more than 20 times since I kicked off my campaign last fall. In the wake of the 2014 and 2016 elections, Democrats can no longer afford to ignore rural areas, and we need to invest in policy solutions that impact communities outside the D.C.-Baltimore corridor. The Eastern Shore must become an economic engine for our state to thrive, and my administration will address the critical challenges residents often face from limited healthcare access to the opioid crisis and crumbling infrastructure.

We need leadership in Annapolis capable of driving inclusive economic growth for the Delmarva region, while balancing the necessity to protect the character and environmental quality of the area. The Eastern Shore is one of the regions that makes Maryland truly unique. Powered by vibrant and vital farming, fishing, and outdoor recreational industries, this area is a key producer that helps our state’s economy and environment thrive. We cannot build a better Maryland without investing in the industries that the Delmarva region supports, but the economy of the Eastern Shore also needs help diversifying.

So as Governor, I will make it one of my top priorities to redouble efforts to preserve the ecosystem of the Chesapeake Bay, and all the lifestyles that depend on it, while modernizing and promoting our infrastructure, healthcare access, and natural attractions at both the regional and
national level.


1. Restore the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries by reducing upstream pollution, restoring ecological
systems, and holding headwater states accountable.

2. Protect coastal communities from climate change through investments in resilience and mitigation
infrastructure. The state must support local governments with infrastructure financing, update topographical maps, and interagency coordination.

3. Responsibly connect the Eastern Shore with the rest of Maryland, by commissioning a study to examine the development of light rail linking Washington, D.C. with Ocean City via Salisbury and actually building
the Chesapeake Bay Bridge.

4. Ensure that every resident has access to high quality healthcare. We need to expand the flexibility of
Medicare coverage, improve public transit options, make telemedicine more readily available and provide
better care and disability support to retired farmers and fisherman.

5. Fight the opioid epidemic by improving access to lifesaving drugs, expanding 24/7 treatment options, and fighting the root causes of the disease of addiction – poverty and a lack of opportunity.

6. Ensure farming is sustainable and profitable by conserving farmland and providing resources to reduce
impacts on natural resources through best practices and technological advancements.

7. Create well-paying jobs on the Eastern Shore by becoming the national leader in offshore wind, growing
the outdoor economy, and promoting heritage tourism.

8. Expand educational opportunities from cradle to career by guaranteeing Pre-K, fully-funding K-12
education, and making higher education more affordable (e.g. free community college and debt-free