After the recent tragedy in Texas, it is now deadlier for America’s kids to be in school than in the military…

Since a gunman walked into Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut almost 6 years ago there have been over 250 school shootings in America…

If we fail to act now, this year will not be the last time that Maryland students have to march for their lives…

This can no longer be about politics or partisanship. It is about parents asking for better policy to protect our kids. And I believe everyone who holds or seeks elected office in America must stand up now to answer our children’s demands — and pledge to take swift action. As a new mom, I personally am sick and tired of the thoughts and prayers, the partisan gridlock, and the elected officials who don’t have the spine to declare that enough is enough.  Every single day that we fail to act costs lives, and it sends a message to our nation’s young people that political gain is more important than progress on preventing gun violence.

Now more than ever, we need nation-wide, comprehensive gun violence prevention laws and safety measures that will fully protect our kids from becoming both the victims and perpetrators of violence at school. No child should be afraid to receive an education, but the moral failure of our leaders Washington means states like Maryland must fill the leadership vacuum to protect our kids.  I’ve joined forces with student leaders, former police commissioners, teachers, moms, and elected officials to help bring Maryland to the cutting edge of the debate about how to curb gun violence.


1. Treating gun violence as a public health challenge

2. Supporting and re-training law enforcement

3. Implementing stronger gun violence prevention policy