My administration will make Maryland the most welcoming and anti-discriminatory state in the union.

In the Obama Administration, I fought to protect the rights of underrepresented and persecuted people around the world. My job at the State Department and the White House was often to push nations towards becoming both tolerant and supportive of full equality. I intend to bring this experience to Maryland, where I will enact the boldest anti-discrimination agenda in the country and fight President Trump and Attorney General Session’s assault on fundamental LGBTQ+ rights.

Maryland has made progress, but still has a long way to go towards guaranteeing equality for all its residents, regardless of their race, gender, socioeconomic status or sexual identity. The statistics for transgender Marylanders are particularly alarming. According to the National Transgender Discrimination Survey:

  • 71% experience harassment at work

  • 42% have experienced an adverse job action, like being fired, demoted, or denied a promotion.

  • 17% have been denied a home or apartment because of their gender identity.

  • 54% report being abused verbally in a place of public space.[1]

[1] Equality Maryland.


1. Support LGBTQ+ troops and federal employees


2. Repeal Maryland’s sodomy laws


3. Build upon the historic Fairness for All Marylanders Act


4. End discrimination in housing, healthcare, employment, education, and other essential services


5. Support legislation explicitly protecting the rights of same sex couples to adopt children


6. Ensure all public applications or data collection forms include a third, unspecified gender marker for identification


7. Improve data collection for the LGBTQ community to drive evidenced-based policy